"From small beginnings, come great things" ~Proverb

Our Story

The Uther Geis is an Independent Record Label based in the US. Birthed in early 2015, from a union of Songwriters and Producers, The Uther Geis have one goal in mind; to develop a proven strategy for establishing the Independent Artist as a major contender in the commercial music industry. Utilizing effective, and astute, strategy and coordination, the label specializes in Promoting, Marketing, Booking, Publishing, Recording, and Live Event Productions.

The label released their debut endeavor on October 21st, 2015, with songwriter Brandon Jeffries' EP "Future Classic". The album released several months behind schedule, but the extra wait has proven well worth the angst. The release is a starting success and is gaining more momentum even faster; having achieved FM radio play within the first month of release. The label teamed up with Brandon Jeffries and producer/engineer "D2" for this first project, and the pairing has shown some promising chemistry. You can expect great things in the very near future from these "Uther Geis"..

Keep your eyes peeled here!

Studio B @ Zac Recording

...The rest is to be written...